Auto Repair Rip-Offs: Unbelievably Low Price

Auto Repair Rip-Offs: Unbelievably Low Price

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

Auto Repair Rip-Offs: Unbelievably Low Price

Auto Repair Rip-Offs: Unbelievably Low Price

Have you noticed some big box chain stores advertising a very low price for services such as brakes, mufflers, tune ups, tires etc.

Such a low price it may seem too good to be true. Well, it is too good to be true.

Once you get there some of these stores will pull what we call a bait and switch on you. Meaning, they use a low price to bait you in and then switch it on you once your there.

They’ll say things like: this is only for a certain tire size, a certain type of vehicle or you need more than just a basic tune up or brake job so they hike the bill up several hundred dollars.

Not to pick on anyone in particular but let’s take brakes for instance, since that’s the one I hear the most complaints on.

My neighbor took his three year old, 30,000 mile pick up to a place that specializes in brakes. He went there because they advertise a very low price for brakes. He left it, they looked at it, and they called him and said he needed a lot more than just an ordinary brake service.

He needed brake calipers, brake lines, rotors and drums resurfaced, wheel bearings packed and the brake wheel cylinders replaced also. All this to the tune of about $650.00.

He asked why all the extras if his truck was only three years old and only had 30,000 miles on it? They told him these are wearable items and they need to be serviced at every brake job.

He told them he didn’t have the money for all that and to just do what they’re advertising he’d appreciate it. Well guess what. They told him NO! They could not perform any work on his truck unless he authorized the full repair. Their reasoning was that if something happened later with his brakes they would be liable.

So the gentleman asked, “Who gets this low brake job price if a three year old truck with only 30,000 miles on it can’t get it”?

There was no answer to his question!

Of course the gentleman brought his truck into our facility and a little reluctant to tell me what happened – him being my neighbor and all – we determined all he needed was a basic brake service and nothing else.

The brake specialists claim that these parts are wearable items and need servicing every time you have a brake job performed. While the manufacturers of the parts state that these parts should last the life of the vehicle.

In my opinion I think the manufacturer is correct. Although there are instances where these parts do fail and need replacing, I would say that only about 10% of our brake services need additional parts than what comes with a traditional brake job.

If someone is quoting you a very high price for a brake service, get a second opinion. If you’re in Houston our second opinions are FREE. Oh! And some of the things that other shops charge extra for on a brake service, we include in ours for free.

If you want quality car care you can trust, come to Auto World West Loop in Houston TX.

Thank You.