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Fixing a Scratch

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

There is nothing worse than finding a scratch on your vehicle. It is unsightly and reduces the value of your car. Some scratches are superficial and can be fixed at home, while others are large and require the skill and attention of a repair shop.
If the scratch is small, you can purchase a scratch kit that has paint that will match your car model’s paint color. You will want to take care of any scratches right away so that you can prevent rusting.
Scratches that are severe in nature, in which you can see the metal or that have multiple scratches in an area, should be handled by an auto body repair shop. A professional repair shop is better equipped to handle the scratch to insure that it is properly fixed.

Fixing a Small Dent

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

Almost every vehicle will get a dent or ding in it at some point. These annoying marks are unappealing and can often be removed.
There are do-it-yourself kits that can be purchased at most auto supply stores that use suction cups to pull out many kinds of dents. There are also kits and tools that can be purchased where the user pushes the dent or bump from the inside out.
For the best results, there are professional dent removal experts that can come to your home or work and take care of your dents and dings in less than an hour or two.

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

With the price of gasoline being several dollars a gallon, it is important to get the best possible gas mileage. There are several things you can do to ensure that your vehicle maintains the optimum gas mileage.
Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Studies have shown that properly inflated tires can increase your gas mileage by 3.3%. You can find the recommended tire pressure on a sticker located on the inside of your driver’s side doorjamb.
Also, drive the speed limit. Driving faster than the speed limit will increase your consumption of gas.
Another way drivers are able to get better gas mileage is to make sure the engine is properly tuned. This can be anything from fixing a check engine light to changing air filters regularly. By making sure you car is properly tuned, you can increase your gas mileage anywhere from 4-10%.
Visit Auto World today and let us take a look at your vehicle so we can give you even more suggestions to help you get better gas mileage and save more money at the pump.

How to Get the Cheapest Gas

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

Getting the cheapest gas price is important due to the rising cialis cipla cost of gasoline. Researching where to find the best price will save you money.
There are many websites on the Internet that provide gas price information in certain zip codes. Most of the sites are updated by contributing members daily. You are also able to sign up for e-alerts that will notify you of price fluctuations at a specific location.
Another great place to purchase cheap gas, is at discount clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco. They will typically have their gas price 3 to 5 cents lower than retail gas stations.
Gas stations that are located at grocery stores will sometimes offer a few cents off per gallon when you present a paid receipt that has a pre-determined dollar amount that was spent in the store or if you have one of their store savings card. Many of these stores also offer rewards cards that lets member earn points on their purchases, which include gas, for future discounts.
There are many places that you can go to find the cheapest price for gas. Taking the time to research the lowest prices can save you a significant amount of money every year.

How to Keep Your Car Secure

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

There are many reasons thieves would want to break into your vehicle. Items such as radios, MP3 players, GPS systems, money, and personal items are just a few of them. Making sure your vehicle is secure is the only way to protect against a break in.
The best way to prevent someone from breaking into your car is to make sure all of your belongings are out of sight. If the items are not visible through the glass, then it is likely someone will not be tempted to break in.
Another deterrent is the use of a security system. A car alarm is a great tool to have installed on your vehicle since it will activate if anyone tries to break in. Tinting your windows is another way to protect against theft. If someone is unable to see into your car, they will think twice about breaking in, because they are unsure as to what items are inside.
Taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your personal belongings and electronics are safely stowed away can reduce the risk of a break in.

Keeping Your Car Rust-Free

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

It is possible for a car to last a lifetime. However, there are certain elements that cars are exposed to which can greatly shorten the life of the vehicle and can easily damage your vehicle. To combat the effect the salt air has on your vehicle, you should frequently wash your vehicle with soap and water to remove any salt residue.
If you will be driving your car through states that use salt to de-ice the roads you will find that your vehicle is under constant attack by the salt. It reacts with the metal of the vehicle and causes rust to form. To combat the rust, you should routinely wash your vehicle during the winter months, as often as once a week. An easy way to remove the salt residue from your vehicle is to go to a coin-operated car wash that has high-powered hoses. Spray the underside of your vehicle, as well as the rest of the car’s body, to remove all of the salt.
By taking steps to remove any element that aides the growth of rust, you will ensure that your vehicle can last a long time.

Maintaining a New Car Smell

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

When you first sat in the seat of your new car, it had that distinct smell that shouted, “I’m fresh, clean, and brand new!” Unfortunately that unique smell tends to disappear over time as other scents are introduced into the vehicle. Here are three ways that you can keep that new car smell…
1. Don’t smoke in your car
2. Avoid putting smelly clothes or food items in your car. These odors can remain in the car for days and can even overtake the new smell of the car.
3. Thanks to the ingenuity of a few companies, they have created a new car scent that you can buy. By spraying the scent into your car mats and upholstery, your vehicle will always smell brand new.

Prolonging the Life of Your Tires

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

The tires on your vehicle are not a cheap investment. A good set of tires can run anywhere between $400 and $800 depending on the size. In order to get the most out of your tires, you should take simple steps to make sure that they last a long time.
Making sure the tires are properly inflated is the easiest way you can extend the life of the tires. If you drive on tires that are over or under inflated, the car will be harder to handle and the tires will wear unevenly. You should also make sure that your car’s steering is properly aligned, as this also causes premature wearing of the tires.
To make sure you do not get a flat tire, try to avoid driving on the shoulder or close to the curb, as this is where a lot of debris is found. Debris like nails, glass and other items can easily become embedded in the tires and create a flat tire. If a nail or screw punctures the outer wall of the tire, there is no way to repair the tire and you will have to purchase a new tire.
Taking steps to ensure your tires are properly cared for will ensure that they last a long time. If you are uncertain about whether you need new tires, bring your car to Auto World so that we can take a look at them for you.