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It’s Back!

Dear Friend and Client,
We’ve been talking at Auto World West Loop lately about what we can do to help you save money during these tough economic times (I call it “The New Economy”).
Since you’re going to be keeping your vehicle save money on maintaining your vehicle…

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We decided that bringing back Auto World West Loops’ Car Care Club Card was the best thing we could do for you. I’m really excited about bringing back Auto World West Loops’ Car Care Club. I’ve brought this club back to help you save hundreds of dollars on many of the auto repair services that you will probably need over the next year in order to properly maintain your vehicle.

This year I have added a second card. I have the Gold Card which has up to $520.00 in savings for only 119.95 and the Platinum Card which has up to $963.00 in savings for only $229.95. The Gold Card is good for 12 months and the Platinum Card is good for 18 months. Now, you don’t have to get a card for each vehicle that you own, you can use the same card for every vehicle you have, you’re not limited to using your Auto World Car Care Club Card on only one car. So even if you have a newer car and may not need everything on the card, you can give it to your spouse or a family member and let them use it to save money on any repairs they may need. Man, at this low price, the Auto World Car Care Club Card makes an excellent gift for anyone who owns a car.

Gold Card
If you have one car this is perfect for you.

• FREE – 4 Oil Changes (A $132.24 Value)
• FREE – Charging System Analysis (A $29.00 Value)
• FREE – Cooling System Check (A $49.00 Value)
• FREE – Flat Repair (A $15.00 Value)
• FREE – Tire Rotation (A $24.00 Value)
• FREE – Trip Safety Inspection
• $15.00 OFF – Radiator Flush
• 10% OFF Maintenance and Repairs (Up To A $50.00 Savings)
• $35.00 OFF – 30,60 or 90,000 Mile Service
• $20.00 OFF – A/C Repairs
• $8.00 OFF – Each Tire Purchase
• $15.00 OFF – Engine Tune Up
• Only $15.95 – A/C Service and Check – Freon Extra

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Platinum Card
If you have more than one car in you’re your household this would benefit you better.

• FREE – 6 Oil Changes (A $198.86 Value)
• FREE – Check Engine Light Diagnosis (A $98.00 Value)
• FREE – Pair of Wiper Blades
• 2-FREE – Flat Repairs (A $30.00 Value)
• FREE – Tire Rotation and Balance (A $49.00 Value)
• FREE – Trip Safety Inspection
• FREE – Radiator Flush W/ Purchase of Antifreeze
• FREE – Tow Within 10 Miles
• FREE – Air Filter (Up To A $35.00 Value)
• 2– 10% OFF Maintenance and Repairs (Up To A $50.00 Savings)
• 50% OFF – Texas State Inspection (Up To A $19.88 Value)
• $35.00 OFF – Timing Belt Replacement
• $30.00 OFF – Shocks or Strut Replacement
• $10.00 OFF – Battery Purchase
• 10% OFF – A/C Repairs (Up To A $50.00 Savings)
• $20.00 OFF – Transmission Flush
• $20.00 OFF – Front or Rear Complete Brake Service

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O.K. So What’s The Catch?!
Well, quite frankly, there is no catch. Or is there? 
Advertising is getting so darned expensive that I’d rather bundle up as many of the services that I think you’re going to need over the next year, and put them all on one discount card. Like that the next time you need service, you won’t have to go searching for our specials, you’ll already have the Auto World Car Care Club Card, with the best specials right on it, in your glove box. (I don’t know how many commas you’re supposed to use in one sentence but I think I used too many in that last one).
Plus, we love to see you coming back to our place again and again. We can do a better job at repairing and maintaining your vehicle if we get a chance to see it every 3 months or 3,000 miles when you get your oil changed. Hint. Hint. With this card you will be bringing your vehicle to us for oil changes instead of the quickie places.

Membership Really Does Have It’s Privileges
When you invest in either the Gold or Platinum program we will enroll you in our 1,000,000 mile warranty program. That’s right, it’s not a misprint! I said 1,000,000 (one million) mile warranty. Unheard of right! (See our warranty brochure for all the details)
As long as you are a member when you get the repair and are a member when the repair fails, it’s covered.
I tried to make it a trillion like the deficit, but I don’t think even our parts will last a trillion miles. A million I know they will.
You can call this a lifetime warranty, a fix it and forget it warranty, a fix it forever warranty or anything else that makes more sense to you.

It’s Guaranteed
If for some reason you can’t or do not use Auto World West Loops Car Care Club Card you can return it for a full and complete refund.

simply click to download: PRIORITY ORDER FORM 
fax back to Auto World at 713.623.4931

Limited Time Offer…
You don’t have to invest $119.95 for savings up to $519.24 or $229.95 for savings up to $948.74 and the 1,000,000 mile warranty.
I’ve decided that for a limited amount of time or until I sell 86 memberships,you can take advantage of the Gold Car Care Card for only $99.95 and the Platinum Car Care Card for only $199.95. 
As I said earlier, this is only going to be for a limited amount of time or until I sell 86 memberships. I can’t do this for everybody.

So if you want to be one of the few…
to save hundreds of dollars over the next year, fill out the form above and fax it to me at 713-623-4931 and I’ll mail you your Car Care Card or e-mail me your information to gerry@autoworldhouston.com or stop by my shop at 2805 West Loop South between the hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday or if you’d prefer, you can give me a call at 713-623-4418 and give me your information over the phone and I’ll mail you your Car Care Card to your home (now that’s a long sentence).

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