Auto Repair Rip Offs – Something Offered For Free

Auto Repair Rip Offs – Something Offered For Free

18/09/03 BY  GERRY

Auto Repair Rip Off – Something Offered For Free

Some auto repair facilities advertise a FREE “Check Engine Light” Check.

They will check to see what codes are in the computer and tell you that the light is on because there is a code P0401 stored in the computers memory. They will tell you that the code has something to do with the evaporative system.

When you ask how much it will cost to fix, they say they don’t know because they haven’t diagnosed it to see what the actual problem is. And for them to diagnose it, it will cost $98.00

They’re using the old “Bait and Switch” technique. They bait you in with that “FREE” check and then switch it on and say, ”Oh no, if you want to know exactly what will fix your car it will cost you $98.00.

Let me explain how the whole “Check Engine Light” system works.

When the light comes on there is a problem with the emissions system of the car.

The computer then records what’s called a “code”.

We hook up a code reader to the computer and it tells us the code that’s making the light come on. It does not however tell us what the problem is.

There are upwards of 175 reasons why a check engine light may come on. The code only tells us what system has failed. In order to properly diagnose the problem we need to go into that system and sometimes check every component in that system to determine which part has failed.

That’s why we charge a diagnosis fee to determine what the problem is with your car.

So don’t get caught up in this rip off.

If you see someone advertising something for free, call and ask questions.

What does this check include?

Will they tell you exactly what’s wrong with your car?

Will they tell you how much it will cost to fix?

Don’t get taken in by the “Bait and Switch” technique.

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